A1. Spring Rolls (2) $3.95
Fresh vegetables, pork, shrimp, rice noodles wrapped in rice paper (un-fried).

A2. Bahn Thai Spring Rolls (2) $4.95
Vegetables, ground pork and pork skin mixed with roasted rice powder, and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper (un-fried).

A3. Egg Rolls (3) $3.95
Pork, carrots, onions, black mushrooms, and clear noodles wrapped (deep-fried).

A4. Vegetarian Egg Rolls (3) $3.95
Clear noodles, cabbage, carrots, and onions (deep-fried).

A5. Heaven Wings (2) $4.95
Chicken wings stuffed with ground pork, black mushrooms and water chestnuts.

A6. Crunchy Chicken Wings (8) $4.95
Chicken wings seasoned and lightly battered and deep-fried.

A7. Spicy Chicken Wings (8) * $4.95
Deep-fried seasoned chicken wings in Bahn Thai spicy sauce.

A8. Chicken Satay (6) $4.95
Skewed slices of marinated chicken. Served cucumber and peanut sauces.

A9. Cream Cheese Puffs (4) $3.95
Wonton skin filled with cream cheese, crab meat, and onions. Served with sweet & sour sauce.

A10. Goong Hom Pa (6) $5.95
Deep fried marinated shrimps wrapped in egg roll skin. Served with spicy ginger sauce.

A11. Tod Mon Pla (5) $5.95
Fish patties flavored with red curry paste, egg, green beans, and lime leaves.

A12. Tod Pla Muk $5.95
Deep fried marinated calamari. Served with spicy ginger sauce.

A13. Beef Jerky $5.95
Beef tenderloin marinated in spices and garlic.

A14. Louk Chin Tod (8) $4.95
Deep-fried meatballs. Served with sweet & sour sauce.

Meat Selection with entrée. Entrée served with a side of rice.

E38. Gaeng Dang Gai/Nuea (Red Curry) *
Chicken or beef, coconut milk, red curry paste bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil leaves.

E39. Gaeng Massamun (Massamun Curry) *
Chicken or beef, coconut milk with massaman curry paste, roasted peanuts and potatoes.

E40. Gaeng Khiao Waan (Green Curry) *
Chicken, beef, or shrimp in coconut milk, green curry paste, zucchini, peas, and basil leaves.

E41. Panang Gai or Neau (Panang Curry) *
Chicken or beef, simmered in coconut milk, panang curry paste, lime leaves, roasted peanuts, basil leaves, and Thai chilies.

E42. Gaeng Ped Pak Curry *
Choice of meat with combination of vegetables in coconut milk and red curry.

E43. Rama Thai *
Choice of meat with peanut curry sauce and coconut milk.
Serve on top of brocolli.

Meat Selection with entrée. Entrée served with a side of rice.
Tofu or Chicken or Pork……$7.95
Squid or Shrimp….$9.95
Seafood Special….$12.95

E28. Pad Kana (Chinese Brocoli)
Stir-fried Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce.

E29. Pad Pak (Combination Vegetables)
Stir-fried broccoli, celery, napa , pea pods, carrots, fresh mushrooms, and bell peppers.

E30. Pad Khao Pode Onn (Baby Corn)
Stir-fried baby corn, straw mushrooms, and onions.

E31. Pad Khing (Ginger)
Stir-fried fresh slice ginger, celery, onion, and fresh mushrooms.

E32. Pad Med Mamuang Himaphane (Cashew Nuts)
Stir-fried cashew nuts, water chestnuts, fresh mushrooms, and onions.

E33. Pad Ped Puck Curry ( Vegetables in Curry) *
Coconut milk and red curry on top of broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, and napa.

E34. Pad Bai Horapha (Basil Leaves)
Stir-fried sweet basil leaves with onions, fresh mushrooms, and bell peppers.

E35. Pad Naam Mun Hoy (Brocoli in Oyster Sauce)
Stir-fried broccoli with oyster sauce, fresh mushrooms, and carrots.

E36. Pad Snow Peapods (Peapods)
Stir-fried snow peapods, shiitake mushrooms, and tomatoes.

E37. Pad Preow Waan (Sweet and Sour)
Stir-fried pineapple, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes in sweet & sour sauce.

Fish Selection with entrée. Entrée served with a side of rice.

Catfish Fillet……$7.95
Walleye Fillet……$9.95
Whole Walleye……Seasonal

F44. Gaeng Ped Pla *
Deef-fried fish in coconut milk, red curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, and basil leaves.

F45. Choo Chee Pla *
Deep-fried fish with bamboo, onions, bell peppers, topped with choo chee curry sauce.

F46. Pla Tod Raad Prig *
Deep-fried fish topped with stir-fried Thai chili sauce with green onions and cilantro.

F47. Pla Naam Jeow *
Deep-fried fish topped with tasty chili sauce flavored with ginger, garlic, and Thai chilies.

F48. Pla Raad Khing *
Deep-fried fish topped with black bean sauce, green onions, ginger, and Thai chilies.
Lunch Specials

Mon-Fri: 11:00am-2:30pm
Serve with fried rice and A choice of cream cheese wonton or an egg roll.

L1. Chicken and combination Vegetables . . . . . . . . . . $6.29
Chicken, broccoli, celery, napa cabbage, pea pods, carrots,
mushrooms, and bell peppers.

L2. Chicken and Baby Corn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.29
Chicken, baby corns, straw mushrooms, and onions.

L3. Pork and Ginger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.29
Pork, ginger, celery, onion, and mushrooms.

L4. Chicken with Cashew Nuts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.29
Chicken, cashew nuts, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and onions.

L5. Beef and Green Beans in Curry Sauce . . . . . . . . . $6.59
Beef, coconut milk, red curry, and green beans.

L6. Beef and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.59
Beef, broccoli, oyster sauce, mushrooms, and carrots.

L7. Sweet and Sour Pork . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.29
Pork, pineapple, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes.